Susana Gaspar

Susana Gaspar
Full name: Susana Rita Carvalho Gaspar
Quoting name: Susana C. Gaspar
Professional Category: PhD Candidate; Professor (ESEL/IPL); Theather Artist
Title of PhD Project: “Arte e Direitos Humanos: a influência de práticas artísticas na agenda dos direitos humanos (de 2011 à atualidade)” [Supervisor: Cristina Cruzeiro, IHA/NOVA FCSH; Advisor: Elsa Lechner, CES-Coimbra]
Position(s) within IHA: RG Member [Contemporary Art Studies]
ORCiD: 0000-0002-7212-5940



Susana C. Gaspar is a PhD candidate in Artistic Studies – Art and Mediations at NOVA FCSH, supported by FCT, following a research on the intersections between art and human rights. She holds a degree in Cultural Sciences – Communication and Culture and MA in Artistic Education – Theatre in Education. She is also a Professor at Lisbon Superior School of Education (IPL – ESELx) and a theater artist and activist that bases her work in devising theatre and documentary theatre premises. She works as an artistic educator and non-formal educator, commonly with community theater. She was Chair of the Board in Amnesty International Portugal from 2015 to 2017.
Atriz, encenadora e professora de teatro. Leciona na Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa no Domínio de Teatro e tem ligação à educação artística e educação para os direitos humanos através da educação não-formal. Foi presidente da Direção da Amnistia Internacional Portugal de 2015 a 2017. Acredita que a arte é um dos melhores veículos para a transformação social.

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