Rita Macedo

Rita Macedo
Full name: Rita Andreia Silva Pinto de Macedo
Quoting name: Macedo, Rita Andreia Silva Pinto de
Professional Category: Professor (NOVA FCT)
Position(s) within IHA: SC Member | RG Member [Museum Studies]
Contact: ritamacedo@fct.unl.pt
ORCiD: 0000-0002-6320-3214




Rita Macedo is an art historian, professor of contemporary art history and art theory at the Department of Conservation and Restoration of Faculty of Science and Technology, Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She is also the coordinator of the Laboratory of Documentation for the Preservation of Contemporary Art in the same institution. She obtained her doctorate in 2008 with the thesis “Challenges of Contemporary Art to Conservation Restoration – Documenting Portuguese Art of the 60´s/70´s”.  She has a bachelor in History and a Master’s in Contemporary Art History, from Universidade Nova de Lisboa. She is a member of the research group on Museum Studies of IHA (Art History Institute) of Universidade Nova de Lisboa (Faculty of Social and Human Sciences). Her research interests have been focused in the field of documentation, memory and oral history for the preservation of intangible heritage and contemporary art. She has been developing research within multidisciplinary projects like Documentation of Contemporary Art (FCT) Neccar (NWO, Holland) and Nacca (H2020).

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SC – Scientific Committee
TL – Thematic Line
RG – Research Group
PI – Principal Investigator