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Photography and Film Studies

Team: Bruno Marques (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), Susana S. Martins (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), Miguel Leal (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), Luísa S. de Oliveira (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), Filomena Serra (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), Miguel M. Duarte (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), José Oliveira (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), Mariana Gaspar (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), Paulo R. Baptista (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), Alexandra do Carmo (FCSH/NOVA), Filippo de Tomasi (FCSH/NOVA), Afonso Cortez-Pinto (IHA/FCSH/NOVA), Maria João Castro (CHAM/FCSH/NOVA).
Formally established in 2014, Photography and Film Studies: through the lens of History of Art (PFS-CASt/IHA) is a cluster of the Contemporary Art Studies Group (CASt). Assuming visual arts in a broad context, this cluster takes photography, cinema, and video as heterodox and interdisciplinary areas, placing particular emphasis on the relations established with other forms of expression such as literature, painting, architecture, installation, or performance.