Opportunities for advanced training

The IHA is structured in thematic guidelines and research groups of considerable scope in the field of Art History, Museology and Heritage. It will apply in 2014 for a PhD program in those scientific areas, involving other Portuguese, Spanish and Brazilian Universities and R&D units. The major objective of this project is to extend research of various thematic groups. Simultaneously, IHA researchers will participate in other doctoral courses (as currently happens now with the Doctoral Program in Conservation and Restoration from Faculty of Science and Technology and the Doctoral Program in Art Studies from FCSH – UNL). They will continue to offer optional curricular units in doctoral programs FCSH. The deepening and broadening of this workspace allow doctoral programs in collaboration with foreign research units, benefiting from existing networks and future partnerships. One of the challenges for the next few years focuses on the objective of offering doctoral seminars or free courses through the e-learning platform from FCSH.
Besides, research groups will be encouraged to undertake thematic seminars with the presentation, discussion and possible publication of working papers that will be submitted to an external scientific committee, which will assess it, by double blind peer system review, continuing a very successful experience, started in 2013.
Finally, the planned opening of internal competitions for postdoctoral fellows is a distinctive sign of the importance given by IHA to the advanced training of new human resources, with a view to promoting knowledge and internationalization of its researchers. Therefore, it becomes a major challenge to the new five-year cycle towards 2020.